Building Department

 Office Hours
Monday - Friday:
8:30am - 4:00pm 
 Contact Information
Dennis P. Patten,
Director of Public Service

Michelle Teresi, 
Building, Housing & Recycling Coordinator 

Norman Rusinow,
Chief Building Official

(440) 884-9607
FAX: (440) 843-5818

Department Location:                
Parma Heights City Hall
6281 Pearl Road
Parma Heights, OH  44130
 Permit/Fee Information
If you are doing any work to your home it may require a permit. See the Building Department Forms section listed at the bottom of the main page. 

If you are having work done that is not listed, please call the Building Department at (440) 884-9607.

Contractors working at your home must be registered with the City of Parma Heights BEFORE beginning any work.

The Building  Department is located in the lower level of the Cassidy Theatre, in the Greenbriar Commons, 6200 Pearl Road. Use the driveway to the Fire & Police Station. The Theatre is located in back past the Pool & Tennis Courts. 

The Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the applicable building codes for various aspects of commercial and residential construction.  This includes plan review as required, inspections of work performed under permit, and registration of all contractors performing work. A permit is issued upon plan approval and payment of all applicable fees.  The following is a brief list of work that would require a permit. This is not a comprehensive list.  Please contact the department directly for more detailed information.

Construction, alteration, addition to, and demolition of:  

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance inspectors ensure that the Property Maintenance Code is properly enforced.  The code requires that all properties and structures, including both residential and commercial, are being well maintained.  The following is a list of commonly addressed items: routine lawn & shrubbery maintenance, weed control, gutters and downspouts being cleaned & securely attached, peeling and chipping paint, repair/replacement of broken concrete drives & walks, etc.  All property owners are responsible for the continual upkeep of their property.  The goal of the property maintenance inspection program is to preserve the quality of properties through proper maintenance.   


"Any person who files a complaint for foreclosure involving real property located within the City of Parma Heights on which there is a building or structure shall notify the City of the filing of the foreclosure complaint and shall file a complete copy of the foreclosure complaint with the Director of Public Service within ten (10) days after the filing of the complaint with the relevant court. The notice to the City shall be on a form prescribed by the director of Public Service." - excerpt from Ordinance No. 2011-14
To read the Ordinance and access the required form, please click here.

Rental Occupancy
Application & Ordinance

Click here for full information

1% Tax is charged on some Residential Permits, 3% Tax charged on Commercial Permits   

Payment:  If paying in person - exact cash or check only.
                    If requesting permits by mail, a self-addressed, stamped envelope must be provided.

Building Department Forms

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  Temporary Pools REQUIRE A PERMIT
  Click here for the Swimming Pool Permit Packet

Permit Costs:        $40.00* pool           $30.00* electric
                 * check or exact cash only. Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Permits are required for:

  • All above-ground and in-ground pools

  • Any pool having an area of 400 sq. ft. or more
  • Any pool having a depth of 24" of more
  • Any temporary above-ground pool (for example: inflated, rigid metal sides with metal supports, plastic sides with plastic suppports, "baggy" soft-sided, etc.)
  • Any pool with pump, heater, or filter - the equipment must be on a concrete pad or patio blocks

Location: Pool must be located 10' or more from any residence, 10' or more from any property line - should a deck to attached to the pool, the deck must be 3' or more from any property line.

Fencing: Any yard in which a pool is located must be completely fenced in (at least 4' high with a lockable gate) or the pool itself must have a fence directly attached to the pool (at least 3' high with a lockable ladder).

Drainage: Pools must only be drained into city's storm water system - not onto the ground.

Electrical: No "extension cords" to power pool equipment - very specific National Electric Code (NEC) safety and installation requirements must be met - this info and a diagram will be given to the applicant.

Required Inspections

  • Pool final location must be inspected
  • Electrical work must be inspected

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