Building Department

Office Hours
Monday - Friday:
8:30am - 4:00pm 

Department Location:                
Parma Heights City Hall
6281 Pearl Road
Parma Heights, OH  44130

(440) 884-9607
FAX: (440) 843-5818
Contact Information
Dennis P. Patten,
Director of Public Service

Michelle Teresi, 
Building, Housing & Recycling Coordinator 

Norman Rusinow,
Chief Building Official
Rental Occupancy Department
Rental Occupancy
Application & Ordinance

The Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the applicable building codes for various aspects of Commercial and Residential construction.  This includes:

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Property maintenance inspectors ensure that the Property Maintenance Code is properly enforced.  The code requires that all properties and structures, including both residential and commercial, are being well maintained.  The following is a list of commonly addressed items: routine lawn & shrubbery maintenance, weed control, gutters and downspouts being cleaned & securely attached, peeling and chipping paint, repair/replacement of broken concrete drives & walks, etc.  All property owners are responsible for the continual upkeep of their property.  The goal of the property maintenance inspection program is to preserve the quality of properties through proper maintenance.   



"Any person who files a complaint for foreclosure involving real property located within the City of Parma Heights on which there is a building or structure shall notify the City of the filing of the foreclosure complaint and shall file a complete copy of the foreclosure complaint with the Director of Public Service within ten (10) days after the filing of the complaint with the relevant court. The notice to the City shall be on a form prescribed by the director of Public Service." - excerpt from Ordinance No. 2011-14
To read the Ordinance and access the required form, please click here


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