For a number of years, residents have occasionally experienced excessive flooding due to a large amount of rainfall in a short period of time. On the advice of City Engineer Dan Neff and studies performed by AECOM, the city is planning to create a regional stormwater management retention basin/lake with park amenities in Nathan Hale Park. This basin will lessen the burden on the existing storm sewers during heavy rainfall events. The Nathan Hale Park location was selected because of its proximity to the convergence of existing drainage channels and storm sewers; water can be diverted to the storm basin to be detained and released slowly over time instead of overwhelming the current storm sewers as has occurred during heavy storms.  The city is also working with the Federal Department of Parks to obtain approval to move forward.

The total construction cost is estimated to be $1.35 million. Fortunately, due in large part to previous flow monitoring data compiled by the AECOM company at the city’s request, Parma Heights was successful in securing a $1 million grant from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) as part of their 2019 Member Community Infrastructure Program. The balance of the funds will come from our Community Cost-Share Account, which is a NEORSD-managed account funded by Stormwater Fee revenue.

Recreation fields at Nathan Hale Park may be limited while the construction is ongoing.

UPDATE: A geotechnical engineer will be performing soil analysis and as a part of that they will be drilling six (6) borings ranging from 20-30 feet in depth and taking samples of the soil to evaluate.  Our engineer has sent his survey crew out to locate the six borings as well as to locate nearby utilities for the driller. There are painted wood stakes near each manhole.  The drilling is scheduled for the week of 12/9 and should take two (2) days to complete.

Click on the links below for additional detailed information:

2017-05 2018 MCIP Request for Proposal
2019-02-08 Nathan Hale Council Memo .pdf

2019-04-30 MCIP Nathan Hale Progress Report
2019-04-30 Proposal for Toilet Facilty

2019-10-07 Community Meeting notice/invitation

2019-10-07 Updated Basin Proposal

14087 Nathan Hale Drawings 030419.pdf
Engineers Opinion of Probable Cost.pdf
Exhibit 1 - Questionnaire Results.pdf
Exhibit 2 - Proposed Basin Grading.pdf

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